£ 4000 extra donation to kick start the academic year !

Treasurer Charles Gardiner has managed to find another great donation from the Friends for the school, taking into account the recent carnival proceeds and likely costs expected in the coming few months. Well done Charles (and all volunteers especially for their hard work in supporting the carnival).

This extra donation was announced at the recent Annual General Meeting of the Friends (16th September); we also discussed the events over the last academic year and the school’s new proposal to spend further fundraising on upgrading ICT resources. The Friends want to make a real difference and add an extra sparkle to what the school will budgeting for, so watch this space as the ideas are developed – or help contribute to the vision by coming along to meetings.


Funds Raised This Year

This year the Friends have given the magnificent sum of £7500 to the school.

Some of the money will be supporting this year’s fund raising for :

  • New IT and audio-visual equipment for the School Hall, including an LED projector suspended from the ceiling, an electronic screen and a new stereo system. Hopefully, this will be available in time for the Summer Carnival!
  • £30 for each teacher to spend on their class.

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